The leasing is an operation through which the Financer transfers the right of tenancy of a particular asset to the User (Customer), in exchange for periodical payments of leasing instalments, following that at the end of the leasing contract, the ownership of the asset can be transferred to the User through the payment of the residual value (finance leasing). In this domain we collaborate with well-known leasing companies which ensure prompt and full services (including insurance). In order to have the file analysis promptly performed by the Financer we offer the option of assisting you in preparing the leasing file. We provide you below with a general list of the needed documents for the analysis file, while clearly stating that each Financer may request additional documents or supplementary explanations, according to the financed value and the economic and financial situation of the applicant. Leasing request signed and stamped by the legal representative of the company; -  The statement of the real beneficiary signed and stamped; -  Annual balance sheet and the December balance for the last two years of activity (endorsed by the Financial     Administration), as well the most recent monthly balance; -  Central Credit Register (CCR) consultancy Agreement Form signed and stamped; -  Identification documents of the person representing the company (ID); -  Copies of the legal documents as follows: 1. The contract and the Articles of Association or the Constitutive Act, as well as the     additional documents with all the subsequent amendments (if applicable); 2. The Certificate of Incorporation of the company; 3. Registration Certificate with the tax authorities; 4. Tax Attestation Certificate issued by the Revenue Office (can be submitted the      latest before the signing of the contract); 5. The report issued by the General Members’ Association or the Board of Directors     (according to the actual provisions of the Constitutive Act / Articles of        Association) through which the leasing acquisition is approved and is appointed     the person to represent the company in the business relations with the leasing     company.
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