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Thus, TRUCKS TRAILERS & MACHINERY SRL cannot legally be held responsible for any loss or damage caused by incorrect information. Confidentiality By accessing this website, you agree that TRUCKS TRAILERS & MACHINERY SRL can record and store the obtained information with your prior consent and can use it with the purpose of promoting/marketing its products and services. This information, except for your personal identity data (name, address, e-mail, phone number, etc) can be provided to third parties with the purpose of identifying solutions for improvement of services that TRUCKS TRAILERS & MACHINERY SRL provides you (statistics, market research, etc). The exception consists of situations in which revealing your identity is required with the purpose of abiding and applying the law. Processing of personal data Any person visiting this website and providing information or personal data through the means of this website manifests their express and unequivocal consent for the following: 1. order or requests processing; 2. receipt of product offers, special offers, promotions; 3. resolution of requests, inquiries or any other solicitations; 4. conducting market and product research and marketing of products, of TRUCKS TRAILERS & MACHINERY SRL services and the services of its suppliers, partners and distributors. 5. processing of data by third parties in order to accomplish the company’s main object of activity; 6. other activities performed by TRUCKS TRAILERS & MACHINERY SRL and permitted by the law, which do not require an approval on behalf of the recipient; TRUCKS TRAILERS & MACHINERY SRL shall keep confidentiality of this information. Continuing the use of this website constitutes your express and unequivocal consent, according to the provisions of the 677/2001 Law, with the subsequent amendments and additions, for processing personal data and the free movement of this data. According to the provisions of Law no. 677/2001 you posses the following rights regarding the processing of personal data: the right to information, the right to access, the right of intervention, the right of opposition, the right of not being subject to an individual decision, the right of audience / to address the justice. The exercise of these rights can be made by forwarding a written, dated and signed letter to TRUCKS TRAILERS & MACHINERY SRL, at the appointed addresses in the ‚’Contact’’ section of the website. Cookie use policy This website uses cookies (its own, as well as others) in order to provide an enhanced navigation experience and services adapted to each individuals needs and interests. The cookie is a file of small dimensions, composed of letters and numbers, which is saved on the computer, mobile terminal or other equipment belonging to a customer on which the internet is being accessed. The cookie is installed at the request of a web-server towards a web search engine and is completely ‘’passive’’ (does not contain software programs, viruses or spyware – a software which in installed on the computer/mobile terminal in order to collect information about the customers habits at the moment of internet navigation and then later transmit them to other servers without the customer’s consent – and cannot access the information on the customers hard-disk). Refusing or deactivating cookies does not imply that a customer shall not receive online advertising, but that it will no longer keep count of the customer’s preferences and interests, emphasized through their navigation behavior. The web- sites conduct such analysis of their use in order to improve web-sites to the benefit of the customers in general. Cookies can still be used for harmful purposes. Due to their information stocking characteristic on preferences and navigation history of customers, cookies can be used as a form of spyware. Generally, web search engines have integrated confidentiality settings which supply diverse acceptance levels of cookies, its period of validity and automated deletion subsequent to a customer’s visit to a certain web-site. Many of the detection and prevention of spyware include detecting web-site attacks. Thus, it prevents the search engine from accessing web-sites that might exploit the vulnerabilities of the search engine or download malware. We recommend that each customer ensures that the search engine is always updated. TRUCKS TRAILERS & MACHINERY SRL cannot be held liable for an eventual corruption of the customer’s system by computer viruses, the obligation for verification of the computerized system’s security belongs entirely to the customer. In order to contribute to maintaining the security of accessing the internet and using our web-site, we recommend to each client that: a) To periodically update software programs (with automatic download of important updates); b) To install a firewall for preventing hackers/malware to obtain access to the computer/mobile terminal through the network/internet; c) To install an antivirus software, updated and set to scan periodically the computer/mobile terminal, in order to protect against viruses which can infiltrate the terminal through the documents attached in electronic mail, through CD’s/DVD’s or files downloaded from the internet. The users can configure their browser to reject cookie files. Deactivating and denial of receiving cookies may cause certain sections / pages to become impassable or difficult to use or view (eg. notification online filling in / notification online register / broadcasting the public awareness video, etc.). For more information regarding cookies please visit: or TRUCKS TRAILERS & MACHINERY SRL
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